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Relaxation & Stress Relief CD

Available from http://www.relaxinmind.co.uk/

Please note: 50% of the profits from these CD’s goes to the LDN Research
Trust, a charity established to promote research into the use of Low Dose
Naltrexone in the battle against Multiple Sclerosis.

“Listening to Ted’s CD enables me to sleep better than I have in years. I feel
more relaxed and better able to cope with life”. D.B.

“It is very suitable for me to start with each morning. I have experienced great
improvements in sleeping patterns, being able to stop using light soporific pills
completely. I was addicted and couldn’t sleep without them for more or less
8 years. After 3 days listening to the CD I just quit the pills. I am also able to
believe that I will succeed in whatever I set out to do. My self-confidence has
increased a lot”. L.F. (Norway)

“My wife, Debbie, has also been listening to the CD and feels it is of benefit”.
I.A. (France)

“I use the CD daily after lunch. I find it very soporific and use it to sleep a bit
longer than the CD lasts, removing the ear plugs just before he wakes me up!
If I need a short break I do the wake up too! I’d say it was very useful for
Giving you that extra bit of ‘up time’ “ R.S.S.

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